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Our clients develop, produce and supply systems, components and related technology solutions for commercial and military aerospace markets around the world. We help companies in this dynamic and rapidly evolving sector recruit and develop leaders, and improve the effectiveness of the leadership team, supporting the creation of enterprise and stakeholder value.

We are committed to your success.

We help the world’s most successful aerospace and defense companies build and optimize their management teams and boards. We are a global leader in the sector and have conducted almost 200 assignments in the past year at the executive and board level.
Consulting teams are aligned against client needs to provide the best advice and achieve the desired outcome. Team members bring the right market, functional, technological and geographic expertise to every project.
We have personal relationships with business leaders, investors and influencers, allowing us to formulate unique insights into the larger trends, but also know the aspirations and preferences of the most talented executives. Our clients rely on us to access, engage and assess the most exceptional, relevant and motivated leaders quickly and discreetly.